Who we are

Siero & Associates Certified Public Accountants of Kenya, vision as a firm is to provide services that add value to the business of our clients. The firm intends to achieve this by developing a partnership to success with our clients. It is our endeavour to employ a structured project management methodology to plan, develop and implement service solutions that make good business sense.

The firm intends to conduct business and compete in our industry in a professional and ethical manner as is indeed grounded in the professional ethics of practising accountants. Our approach for each and every engagement we undertake is to develop a tailor made Service Level Agreement (SLA) which is clearly defined, articulate and agreed with the client. Through this we fully encompass the concept of 'getting it right first time and always'. The Service Level Agreement developed by our professional team aims at clarifying and defining the Goals, Client Requirement Specifications, Deliverables, Work Schedule, Project team role and responsibilities and Work Space and work resources required.

To us the service Level Agreements are important because they define the performance indicators. Performance indicators are measures of inputs, processes, outputs, outcomes, and impacts for development projects, programs, or strategies. When supported with sound data collection—perhaps involving formal surveys—analysis and reporting, indicators enable managers to track progress, demonstrate results, and take corrective action to improve service delivery. Participation of key stakeholders in defining indicators is important because they are then more likely to understand and use indicators for management decision-making.

The firm lays so much emphasis on a well crafted service Level Agreement for the following reasons:

  • to set performance targets and assess progress toward achieving them. It is an effective means to measure progress toward objectives.
  • to identify problems via an early warning system to allow corrective action to be taken.
  • to determine whether an in-depth evaluation or review is needed.
  • to facilitate benchmarking comparisons between different organizational units over time.

Finally, to achieve consistent high quality service, the skills and expertise of the professional team has to be continuously up graded. This the firm has achieved through regular training - in house and external, including attendance of the professional seminars and workshops. Through this the firm has been able to recruit and retain some of the best talents that the industry could offer.

Partner national and a team of qualified, experienced and dedicated staff who assist in the day-to-day operations of the firm. Whereas the Managing Partner is responsible for the overall professional assignments, various duties are delegated and done by the different members of the technical team who are assigned duties matching their levels of competence and expertise.