Audit Staff

Selection of the right service team is essential to ensure our clients receive the best possible quality of service. We have therefore assembled a team that brings together a wide range of skills and attributes whilst maintaining a focus of economy and efficiency. The key attributes of the selected service team of technical staff includes:

  • Experience of work with similar characteristics to those of this assignment
  • Understanding of the key issues and requirements of your organization
  • In-depth knowledge that will ensure efficiency and constructive feedback
  • Commitment to provide the highest quality

The key lead professionals in the team include the following:

Team Leader: B. Siero
Key Qualifications

  • MBA (Finance), B.Sc, CPA(K)
  • Over twelve years experience in Financial Management, Audit, Accounting & Tax Consultancy
  • Experience as lead consultant in various projects including NGO Audits, Project Management & Evaluation
  • Proficiency in Computer Application Systems, Management Reports and System Audits;
  • Database Management Systems (Oracle 9i) & Crystal Reporting.

Associate Consultant: K. Marangu
Key Qualifications

  • MBA (Finance), B.Com, CPA (K)
  • Twelve years Financial Management and Audit Experience
  • Experience in NGO Audits.

Associate Consultant: W. Stephen
Key Qualifications:

  • B.Com, CPA(K)
  • Twelve years experience in Financial Management, Accounting & Auditing; Micro-finance, Project Monitoring & Evaluation.

Associate Consultants: C. Maina
Key Qualifications:

  • B.Com, CPA (K)
  • Over five years Audit and Consultancy Experience; Experience in Manufacturing Business Audits.

Associate Consultant: H. Onyango
Key Qualifications:

  • B.A. (Economics), CPA (K)
  • Twelve years Financial Management and Audit Experience
  • Experience in Project Management Consultancy.