Taxation Management Services

The objective in tax management is to offer professional advice to our clients so as to ensure that they comply with the various tax regulations in force. Non-compliance is an offence that could attract heavy penalties and or custodial sentences.

Thus we do this by advising our client how to plan their operations such that they incur only the necessary taxes that they must pay in regard to they business operations without necessarily committing the offence of tax evasion. This is a critical area in the overall business management because virtually all businesses have to pay taxes in one form or another.

The tax laws are by their nature very dynamic, in fact the Kenyan tax system is constantly under review almost yearly during government budget and as such the businesses need to keep abreast with all the changes and evaluate their impact in their overall business.

The firm boasts of a team with in-depth understanding and experience of the Kenyan tax law system as stipulated in the various tax Acts i.e. the Income Tax Act Cap 470, VAT Act Cap 476, Customs & Excise Act Cap 472 and other tax related laws.

Income Taxes

  • Annual Income Tax Returns Computations and filing with the Income Tax Department.
  • The Monthly Pay as you Earn (PAYE) and Annual PAYE returns for Employers.
  • Annual Individual PAYE Return. Its now mandatory for all individuals to make their annual self-assessment to Income tax department by 30th June of every year to asses whether they overpaid or underpaid income taxes. Overpaid taxes are refundable by KRA.
  • Withholding taxes.

Value Added Taxes

  • Monthly VAT Returns.
  • VAT refunds claims for instance all VAT claims above Ksh. 1,000,000 must have an auditor's certificate.

Customs & Excise Taxes

  • Tax computations on Imports, i.e. computation of duty, excise taxes and VAT on imports.
  • Export and Import documentation.