Registration and Legal Basis

Siero & Associates, Certified Public Accountants has been in existence carrying out audit, accountancy, tax & financial management consultancy work for over five years. The accountancy practice in Kenya is regulated through the Accountants Act; Cap 531 Laws of Kenya. Every person(s) practicing as "Certified Public Accountant(s)" has to be registered as per section 24 of the Accountants Act. Subject to this section, a person is qualified to be registered and practice as a Certified Public Accountant if:

  1. he has been awarded by the Examinations Board a certificate designated the Final Accountancy Certificate;
  2. he holds a qualification approved by the Registration Board;
  3. he is both ordinarily resident in Kenya and a member of any professional body specified in the Schedule of the Accountants Act.

The firm Siero & Associates fully complies with the set provisions of the Accountants Act and ICPAK hence enjoys the formal legal status as an Audit firm in Kenya. The firm is also registered with the Commissioner of Co-operative Development to carry out Statutory Audits for the Co-operative Societies. For effective delivery of services, the firm operates under two distinct divisions Koditex Consultants for accountancy, financial & business management services and Siero & Associates for statutory audits & assurance services.